It’s fair to say that I’m one of those mums who, quite frankly, has no particular standout skills in her locker. I’m not sporty, creative or endlessly patient, I can’t cook for toffee (the kids both agree that toast is my best meal ?), my husband thought the light sabre birthday cake I created for my son actually resembled a part of the male anatomy ??, and the thought of creating World Book Day outfits brings me out in a cold sweat every year. So, this book is a perfect reminder to me and all other mums out there that we are all special and display our talents in many different ways. With colourful and quirky illustrations that are full of detail (I’m very taken with the little houndie who appears in most of the spreads ?), it’s a funny rhyming story that will get readers thinking about all the things that their mum does to make her the best in their eyes. To be honest, though, this book doesn’t limit children to just thinking about their mums – it acts as a great starting point to think about ALL the special people in their lives, so that readers both young and old can acknowledge and feel grateful for the unique and wonderful characters around them ?.

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