This book has been a real godsend lately – I get the biggest smiles of the day when I start browsing through it because the kids know that it’s time to have fun. There are 52 creative ideas in the book involving drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture, but to be honest, each idea provides so much inspiration for adaptation that the possibilities are endless. So far we’ve done blind portraits, colour pops, stick drawing, left & right-handed sketching, ‘our world’ mapping and the kids’ absolute favourite, constellation art. The activities suit a wide range of age groups and abilities and plenty of them only require the basic ‘arty’ supplies that you have at home (or you can adapt the activity to match your resources). I’ve even had a bit of a dabble myself! Thank you, Quarto, for gifting us such a cracking book that’s given us hours of pleasure.

Art Lab For Kids: Express Yourself
Author: Susan Schwake
Publisher: Quarry Books (Quarto)
ISBN: 9781631595929
Paperback: 144 Pages

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