Did you know that the collective noun for a group of pugs is a grumble, the giant squid has a brain shaped like a doughnut, and that employees in India’s fisheries dept HQ work in a building shaped like a giant fish? If these sorts of interesting facts float your boat, then this book is definitely worth checking out. It’s jam-packed with 400 facts, each of which is linked to the next in funny and unusual ways. Readers can either follow the fact trail from cover to cover in both directions, or jump in wherever takes their fancy. With eye-catching pages and nugget-sized facts, it’s brilliant for curious kids (and adults 😁), and as it’s published by Britannica Books, you can be confident that all the information has been verified by a credible source. I’ve actually bought this for my fact-hound son, but I’ve loved dipping in to it first and will definitely check out the other 2 in the series.

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