I was in #readingmyshelf mode last weekend, and really enjoyed this lovely book that I found buried in my Kindle. It tells the story of Libby, a bright, intelligent girl who wants to be a scientist when she grows up (her hero is the American astronomer Cecilia Payne, who first determined the composition of stars). She is very close to her family and so when her big sister needs help, Libby devises an ambitious plan to help her, in which her hero plays a part.

This is one of those heart-warming stories that gives you all the feels. Libby is such a great character – tenacious, caring, brave and curious. She has Turner Syndrome, a genetic condition affecting only females, which I knew nothing about before reading the story but now understand better as the author (who has the same condition) explains all about it as the story unfolds. I love the STEM link and the positive, ‘dream big’ message, as well as the themes of difference, overcoming adversity, friendship and love. It’s a fantastic middle grade read that will have readers rooting for Libby right to the end and beyond.

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