Please tell me that it’s not just my kids who like gross stuff! Hugo really loves this non fiction series and so he was very excited to find out that the latest book has been released, which as you can tell by the title is all about snot ?! As with the 3 earlier books, Paul Mason has really done his research – if there’s an interesting snotty fact to be known, you can be sure to find it in here, and I love the inclusion of science facts which are fascinating. Tony De Saulles’ (who many of you will know from the fabulous Bee Boy trilogy) brilliantly humorous artwork really makes the book for me, and I love the combination of illustrations and photos with added comical speech bubbles. In all, it’s one of those brilliant books where kids will learn as much as they laugh – top stuff!

The Snot that Animals Have Got.
Paul Mason
Illustrator: Tony De Saulles
Publisher: Wayland Books

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