This a really fascinating book and very different to anything I’ve read recently. It provides an insight into the Liangzhu people, an ancient civilisation living on the flood plains of the Yangtze River in eastern China. It’s packed with interesting information about how the people lived and importantly, how they built their city, building one of the earliest dam systems in the world to control the flow of water. Beautifully illustrated, the book strikes a good balance between text and pictures which makes it easy to read and understand, and there are lots of humorous quips to raise a smile. It’s perfect for young historians or for those who simply love to learn about interesting things. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A big thank you to Lily at Little Steps Publishing for our gifted copy.

The Ancient City of Liangzhu.
Liu Bin & Yu Jingjing
Illustrator: Zheng Qiqi
Translator: Qin Ling
Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

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