You know when you give your kids a few pounds in a gift shop and tell them that they can spend it on whatever they want, but then find yourself trying to talk them out of buying whatever tat they select? Well, you might want to learn from my experience… About a year ago, I desperately tried to talk my son out of buying a little perspex box of teeny gemstones because I was convinced that it would end up thrown under the bed, never to be seen again. However, my son – who was 6 at the time – was adamant that that was what he wanted and marched off to the till to pay. Twelve months on, I have to admit that I got it completely wrong as that little box has sparked a huge interest in stones, rock and anything geology-related. It was no surprise, therefore, that Hugo’s chosen bedtime reading last night was this National Geographic Kids Rocks and Minerals guide. It provides all the info you could possibly need to identify volcanic rock, rock formations and gemstones, and includes historical info and lots of interesting facts. There’s also a handy guide at the beginning, which explains explains how to get the most out of the book, plus jokes and activity ideas peppered throughout. It’s aimed at the 8 – 12+ age range and its durable cover and smaller ‘handbook’ size make it perfect for taking out on adventures. H loves to absorb information as he reads – I don’t think he actually sees it as learning – and has commented a few times on how interesting he finds this book, so I think that I’ll check out some of the other titles in the range in case there are any more that will float his boat.

Rocks & Minerals National Geographic Kids Ultimate Explorer Field Guide
Author: Nancy Honovich
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780008321543

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