With its apt colour scheme and theme, I thought this would be good to share in the run up to Halloween! It’s a brilliant interactive and tactile book, which encourages readers to read intriguing clues and study skeletons before guessing which animal the bones belong to, with the answer given on the following double-page spread.

Vibrantly illustrated, there’s loads of really interesting information included and as a neat surprise, I love that the skeletons are almost invisibly superimposed and embossed on the illustration of the animal, so great for little fingers to explore. While it’s aimed more towards the UK Key Stage 1 age group, there are definitely enough fascinating facts to appeal to lower Key Stage 2 children, too. It’s beautifully-produced, would sit well in both school and home libraries, and – with the festive season not too far away now – would also make a great gift for young animal/nature lovers.

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