Well, it’s fair to say that reading has pretty much fallen by the wayside for me this year, for a variety of reasons but mostly because either my head hasn’t been in the right place or time has been short. I have been trying, though, to plug the gap with podcasts and audio stories, with this little beauty keeping me company a couple of weeks ago as I travelled to and from the North West visiting my mum. I’ve never known a children’s story to be only published in audio form, but I’m definitely all in after listening to this. Rather than just being narrated by one person, it has been produced just like a radio play, with different voices for each character, along with added music and sound effects. It’s a magical, seasonal listen (wintery rather than festive) filled with wonder, adventure and an environmental message that listeners will identify and connect with. It’s brilliant for long journeys, cuddling up on the sofa or snuggling in bed and listening together, even better if accompanied by hot chocolate and some favourite treats!

However you are spending the festive break this year, I do hope it’s filled with peace, happiness and lots of good books!

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