With all the madness and disruption that Coronavirus has caused, there hasn’t been much time for books these past couple of weeks. I really enjoyed, therefore, sitting down last night to read Jennifer Killick’s latest release.

Lance and his Year 6 classmates embark on a school residential to Crater Lake activity centre, which turns into the school trip from hell from the moment they arrive. With signs of alien activity, he and his small group of friends try to protect the school group from a terrifying fate worse than death. But there’s one problem, they absolutely must not fall to sleep…

‘Not a phone phone,’ I say, ‘one of those ones from the olden days like my Nan has. A landline…’

Wow, this is a fast-paced, tension-filled, middle grade (9+) horror story that socks it to you right from the very first chapter. It’s definitely different to Jennifer Killick’s other stories, but it’s full of her trademark authentic language and humour. Set at night, which definitely ramps up the creepiness levels, the book is just the right amount of spooky: enough to make you want to hide behind a cushion at times, but not enough to completely freak you out! It is not just a gripping thriller, though. Dig beneath all the peril and adventure and you’ll find a story about friendship, trust and difference, which is certain to resonate with all readers regardless of age. It’s a superb, suspenseful read…

Crater Lake
Author: Jennifer Killick
Cover Art: Anne Glenn
Publisher: Firefly Press
ISBN: 9781913102203
Paperback: 252 pages

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