I was sorting out my bookshelves a couple of weeks ago and I came across a stack of books that I had really enjoyed but hadn’t got around to reviewing (I really do need to get a grip and become more organised ?). The Perfect Fit is one of those books and it’s a real cracker. It tells the story of Triangle, who enjoys playing with all her other shape friends – circles, squares, hexagons and stars – but as she feels different to them, she sets out to find friends who are just like her. After discovering a group of other triangles and really enjoying their company, she still thinks that something is missing and wonders if she will ever feel as though she fully belongs.

There’s so much to like about this story and as it can be used in different ways, it’s such good value. It’s obviously a story that celebrates difference (and does that very well) but it also helps readers to recognise shapes and colours, as well introducing them to how shapes connect together. It’s bright, colourful and entertaining – my 2 kids would have loved this when they were younger, particularly the message that there’s a place for everyone and that difference makes life more fun.

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