If you know a Key Stage 2/middle grade-aged child who struggles with anxiety or managing big emotions, then this book is definitely worth checking out. It’s a practical guide to help children deal with their worries. By asking yes-or-no questions and encouraging readers to follow the interactive flowcharts, it helps children to name the emotion they are struggling with, figure out where the worry started and then calm down with a simple exercise. Throughout the book there are useful notes for adults explaining the underlying psychology (and how and when to offer help), along with helpful tips, calming rituals, affirmations and a meditation script. I really love the way it’s written: warm, encouraging and empowering, with a focus on self-soothing and building resilience. I think both children and adults will benefit from reading this – I definitely have – and I like that it’s just the right size to be tucked discreetly into a bag or rucksack for those readers who want to keep it to hand.

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