This is another brilliant book on my ‘to review’ pile. It’s a touching story about a young girl called Amira who, having to leave her home with her family, finds a seedling in her suitcase. Tenderly showering it with love and care, she is delighted as it starts to grow and it provides her with reassuring memories of home. As she meets new friends, she is thrilled when they offer her seeds to grow next to her plant so that it, too, can have its own friends. With help, the seeds thrive – as does the children’s friendship, which grows as strong as the seedlings.

Beautifully illustrated with a warm palette of colours, it’s a heart-warming story about friendship, kindness and hope, and – if you want it to be – a very gentle introduction to the issue of displacement. It’s one of those impactful reads that reminds us that even in the most difficult of circumstances, community can make such a difference. A really beautiful story with thought-provoking messaging.

A big thank you to @newfrontierpublishing for sending us a copy to read and enjoy.

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