As you might expect, this book, which is aimed at readers around 7 – 9, has caused much hilarity in the house from the minute it arrived last week – who knew that there were enough interesting facts on farts to fill 15 chapters?! And that’s the great and clever thing about it: the kids (my 7-year-old in particular) have absorbed so much information while laughing their heads off, that I don’t even think they’ve realised that they are learning lots of new stuff about science and nature. Favourite chapters so far are deadly dog farts, weaponised farting and aminal fart extremes – even poor Grandpa has been FaceTimed this weekend to be educated on various farty facts! A word of warning, though, don’t try reading this at bedtime because your kids will end up so giddy that all thoughts of sleep will go right out of the window…

The Farts That Animals Parp
Words: Paul Mason
Illustrations: Tony de Saulles & Gemma Hastilow
Publisher: Franklin Watts and Wayland Books
ISBN: 9781526312228
Hardback: 32 pages

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