Released only a few weeks ago, this is the ultimate activity book for football fanatics. I’ve actually had to hide this from my son while I post and photograph it, because I know that once he claps his beady eyes on the cover, he’ll have it squirrelled away up to his den and I’ll never see it again…

Imagine being a football manager with the finest male and female players who have ever lived at your disposal – who would you select? What would your team be called, which assistant coach would you choose, what would the kit be like, and what sort of managerial style would you employ? All of these decisions and more need to be made and there’s lots of help at hand.

This is a really smashing book, which I’m pretty sure would be enjoyed by football-mad adults as well as kids. Written by the BBC’s chief sports writer and brilliantly illustrated by Kieran Carroll, it’s crammed full of info and there are lots of clever questions to make children think long and hard about the decisions they have to make. From a personal perspective, I love the fact that this book is aimed at all football fans – whether they be boys or girls – and everything about the book is gender-neutral. So, if your kids are not yet back in school and you are desperate to drink a cup of tea uninterrupted while it’s still warm, give this to your would-be gaffers and sit back and relax…

My Greatest Football Team Ever
Author: Tom Fordyce
Illustrator: Kieran Carroll
Publisher: Wren & Rook (imprint of Hachette Childrens)
Paperback: 160 pages

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