What is it with kids and gross stuff?! My son takes great delight in reading out loud some of the most revolting facts he can find in this book, gleefully shouting “eeewww, mum, listen to this one…” and then laughing his head off when I start to turn a bit green round the gills…

While obviously not for the faint-hearted, this is a fab, comically-illustrated book that’s packed with so many interesting snippets relating to history, science and food, that there’s a whole load of learning going on without readers even realising it. Whether it’s read for fun/interest or dipped into for school project work or family quizzes, just don’t let your kids quote from it over the dinner table unless your family members have cast iron dispositions – the explanation of how to eat squirrel brains might send some people over the edge!

Did Cavemen Brush Their Teeth?
Author: Thomas Canavan
Illustrator: Luke Seguin-Magee
Publisher: Arcturus Publushing

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