Followers of the blog will know that I am all for embracing the principle of reading for pleasure, and thus I encourage my kids to read whatever takes their fancy. I bought this Choose Your Path book on a whim for my 6-year-old-son as he loves interactive books, and what a great buy it’s been as he’s dipped into it almost on a daily basis ever since…

As Hugo loves to engage with books, this is perfect because it puts him in control of the story. He loves deciding which path he’s going to take and then enjoys analysing his choices dependent on the outcome. He particularly likes sharing the book with others – both children and adults – discussing options with them before jointly deciding on the story route. He is not shy on imparting his ‘wisdom’ if he feels that his reading partner is considering choices that might take them to a murky end! I like the book because with so many routes to take it has a fair amount of longevity, plus it’s also increased H’s vocabulary and improved his reasoning skills without him even realising it – win/win!

Lego Star Wars Choose Your Path:

Author: Simon Hugo
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 9780241360606
Hardback: 128 pages

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