A trip to the hairdressers always means quality reading time! The Smidgens really hit the spot today – it reminds me a little of The Borrowers, but far more up to date, brilliantly illustrated and much, much funnier! Gafferty Sprout, a Smidgen, thinks that her family is the last of its tiny kind. However, after embarking on a mission to steal a chip from the chip shop for tea, she stumbles across a map which suggests that other clans are still out there. Time, therefore, to embark on an adventure to find them, but what Gafferty and her younger brother don’t realise is that they’re not the only ones out there on the hunt…

Ghosts, magic, mirrors, secrets, peril and bravery – this brilliant and funny story has got it all! I love the richly-imagined world, the expressive illustrations by Seb Burnett and the witty writing style that will have both kids and adults laughing along – it would make a superb read aloud for that reason alone (the reference to the mythical Kurri, god of chips is genius!). It’s such a fun read, I can’t wait for the next instalment, which I think is due out in April.

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