I immersed myself in this gem of a read last night – James Haddell’s debut book, The Lost Child’s Quest (swipe for synopsis). For those of you who follow James’ book reviews on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll know he is an eloquent writer and so it’s no surprise that this crosses over into his storytelling.

After reading the blurb I knew this book would appeal as I do like a good mystery adventure; however, I quickly realised that it was steeped in history, myth and legend far more than I had originally expected, to the point where I found myself wanting to go away and research more. It’s the sort of book that would work particularly well in the classroom (whether that be school or home); indeed, as a teacher, James has provided a broad range of activities at the end of the book to tie in with every chapter. Regardless of its educational potential, though, readers will love it for the story alone: it has the right balance of excitement, suspense and intrigue, along with a sprinkle of magic and characters who all bring something different to their friendship. With an ending that’s left purposely open for a continuation of the story, it’s an all-round cracking read and I’m already looking forward to the next instalment. Fab cover and map too!

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