Fleur Hitchcock is such a versatile writer: contemporary crime, a newly published traditional adventure series (Clifftoppers), and now this historical, grimy drama, which I couldn’t wait to get started on.

Athan Wilde finds himself in an impossibly dangerous situation. The man who is helping him build a top secret flying machine is murdered and Athan tries to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, doing so means that he will endanger his family – which path will he decide to take?

Set in Georgian Bath, this is a white-knuckle ride of a story. Its tense, gripping plot is packed full of adventure and it twists and turns at quite a pace. There are some truly villainous figures to spice up the read, but be careful not to pigeon-hole the characters under good or evil headers too early on, as you might just find that they jump from one list to another! While this brilliantly entertaining thriller is classed as middle grade, I would recommend it for readers of around 10/11+ due to its darker themes. It’s a feisty, cracking addition to our book corner.

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