I’ve just got time for a quick post to tell you about Kate Poels’ latest story, which I enjoyed reading last night. It’s a madcap mystery adventure, aimed at children aged 8+, that will have readers intrigued from the first page. There are strange things happening to the children in Mima’s neighbourhood. Blue mouths, webbed feet and clucking like a chicken, some kids are even disappearing altogether! What on earth is going on? We all know that adults are rubbish at solving mysteries, so it’s no surprise that Mima and her friends step up to the plate, analysing clues and piecing together information. With some truly villainous characters, lots of hilarious moments and short, snappy chapters, the story is fab, funny and a little bit bonkers.

Aside from writing books, Kate also reviews children’s literature for BBC Berkshire and has a fantastic Instagram grid. You can find her at @katepoelswrites.

Mima Malone and the Mad Bad Inventor
Author: Kate Poels
Cover Art: Jag Lall
ISBN: 9798667221579
Paperback: 169 pages
Independently Published

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