This is a cracking picture book with a factual theme. It’s along a similar line to that of the Hidden Figures book, in that it celebrates the unsung heroes of the space race. This story focusses on Ellie Foraker and her team of seamstresses who fought off tough competition from military designers and engineers to design and create a spacesuit for the first moon landing.

As well as bold, bright illustrations and an engaging story (for both adults and children), it has a glossary, QR Code for more info, lots of interesting facts inside the front and back covers, and a space race timeline cleverly incorporated along an illustrated ‘seam’ using pins as marker points. It’s a great way, therefore, to increase interest and broaden a child’s knowledge of space and STEM. Both of my children (aged 7 & 8) have really enjoyed reading and learning from it.

The Spacesuit
Author: Alison Donald
Illustrator: Ariel Landy
Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing
ISBN: 9781848864283
Paperback: 36 pages

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