While we are obviously not seeing that many flying around now, bees fascinate my children and so this fabulous hardback book is often in use. It’s BIG – a whopping 28 by 37 cms – which makes the bold, distinctive and quirky illustrations really stand out (unfortunately its size makes it difficult for me to photograph (I’m a complete camera biff) so my pics don’t do the illustrations justice). The book is big on content, too: history, habitat, reproduction, communication and working methods, enemies, beekeepers, honey production, travelling habits – so much information, comprehensively explaining why bees are so important to us, and imparted in an engaging, interesting way. I enjoy this as much as the kids and often browse through it with a cup of tea. It’s bee-utiful (sorry…).

The Book of Bees
Text: Wojciech Grajkowski
Illustrator: Piotr Socha
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
ISBN: 9780500650950
Hardback: 72 pages

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