If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this is one of the books I featured in my #8brilliantbooks selection this week and it’s one of those reads that delivers on all levels. To start with, it’s beautifully produced – a large, coffee table-sized book which would make a brilliant gift for any Key Stage 2/middle-grade upwards lovers of all things space. From a content perspective, its absolutely crammed with facts, explanations and detail and its written in an easy-to-digest, conversational style. And last but not least, the exquisitely-detailed illustrations are sublime (my photos unfortunately don’t do them justice), even down to the planet-designed endpapers.

Produced in association with the Science Museum London, its definitely an authoritative source for those who want to use it for research. Rather than dipping in to it, I’ve read it chapter by chapter, absorbing the images and information as I go. I’ve learnt so much from reading it that way, particularly regarding cosmic collisions, the life cycle of stars, the death of the sun and the various possible scenarios for the end of the universe. I’m really impressed with it – a stunning book for both school and home.

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