Regular visitors to the blog will know that we do love a bit of non-fiction in the Merry Bookworm household, and this recently-published retelling of Charles Darwin’s On the Origins of Species is rather special in our view.

Sabina Radeva is both an illustrator and a molecular biologist and has thus combined her 2 loves to create this wonderful picture-book adaptation.  Its accessible text makes it perfect for introducing the theory of evolution to children, although I think that teenagers and indeed adults will enjoy it too.  Not only does it cleverly and simply cover all of the key aspects of Darwin’s theory, such as natural selection, variation and survival, it also includes up-to-date scientific information in an Appendix, where modern scientific knowledge has demonstrated that Darwin’s theories are outdated.  An interesting section on misconceptions has also been added.  As you’ll see from the photos, what really makes this book stand out is the absolutely stunning illustrations.  In fact, I have picked it up quite a few times since it arrived, just to study the pictures alone.  There are also the most exquisite end-papers, which Sabina encourages children to use as an insect chart, to find and identify some of the beetle and butterfly species inside the book.  There is much to like about this book – it would make both an interesting and stunning addition to any family’s factual book collection.

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species Retold
Author & Illustrator: Sabina Radeva
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780141388502
Hardback: 64 pages

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